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hybrid firmwere?

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hybrid firmwere?

Post by niklg3 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:01 am

Download and install the HFW installer (HFWI.vpk); make sure that you have unsafe homebrew enabled in henkaku settings
Download the desired firmware PUP and extract os0/vs0 fs images from it, you may use for that
psst, if you don't have the required keys use this fork:
Put them in ux0:data/hfw/ as os0.bin and vs0.bin; if you are using dualfw put os0:patches.e2xd in ux0:data/hfw/patches.e2xd
Open the installer and press [start] to flash, it may take some time; after the flash completes it will show you the current HFW info and ask to reboot
if the vita does not reboot follow the steps in the recovery section
Open the enso_ex installer and sync scripts.
any program for windows for "os0.bin" "vs0.bin" ?
any help is the way
I have Brick :cry: :(

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