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                  Is the PS Vita worth it in 2020?


                  I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

                  27 Responses

                  1. teakhanirons says:

                    wololo is dead and we killed it.

                  2. Andrestherey says:

                    Genial aporte de tu opinión, tengo mi vita desde que salió al mercado la 1000 y espero y hasta ahora he jugado casi todo y espero seguir jugando mas esta página la sigo desde hace mucho tiempo y la adoro gracias por tu dedicación con cada aporte muchas gracias.

                  3. Acromioclavicular says:

                    Is my Tamagotchi worth in 2020?

                  4. Beavis says:

                    Is 2020 worth it in any year?

                  5. OldGnashburg says:

                    You forget to mention that you also have the vast library of PSP Homebrew at your disposal through Adrenaline.

                  6. Enrique Sanchez says:

                    I started to follow this great page since I got a PSVita, is a great console. The possibilities with the hack are incredibles, thanks to the Henkaku team, thanks to Wololo for spreading this, and thanks to you by remember me this.

                  7. Louis says:

                    Can anyone help me hack my vita pls

                  8. PSGamma says:

                    Wololo’s site is legendary. Been following it since 2010, when 6.20 TN for PSP was released.
                    One of the most consistent sites for hacking news.

                  9. iufscj says:

                    you have a lot of games on smartphones, you are the one who is using fidget spinner

                  10. Draco says:

                    Why didn’t my comment get approved where I said the Vita isn’t worth it due to smartphones and a good gamepad being capable of so much more?

                    • enderzombie says:

                      “Most comments are automatically approved, but in some cases, it might take up to 24h for your comments to show up on the site, if they need manual moderation. Thanks for your understanding”

                  11. Joel Bórquez says:

                    Everything looks fantastic in the psvita 1000, i love how marvel vs street fighter looks, vivid colors, plus psp+psx = win

                  12. Creatura says:

                    The other day I finished Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Switch and in my mind I was comparing it to the Vita version. I remember most of it because that was the first and the only platform I achieved 100% on. I think it was very impressive how Vita managed to run the game, albeit with a significant graphical downgrade. And just as I commented on your PSP post, I say Vita is doubly so worth it in 2020.

                    • Duudee says:

                      You can use Vitagrafix and overclock to play Revelations 2 at the native Vita resolution for a more impressive experience n_n

                  13. kok0roki says:

                    been here since the psp days, psp was worth it, so is the vita <3 sadly my PSP died and I have to sell the vita just to survive this quarantine, the new owner had a big grin on his face T_T

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