PSVita News: Xerpi manages to port Play!, a PlayStation 2 emulator to the Vita – NOT an April Fool’s Joke but a real PoC!


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15 Responses

  1. mgplayer 47

    oh GOD

  2. ps2onvitaitsnono


  3. Mido Sparda

    I wonder how many people believed this

  4. sfa2miki

    Haha, nice try… xD

  5. Spectrum

    “Play! emulator doesn’t give playable results even on the Nintendo Switch”
    Or PC. I tried it a week or 2 ago and couldn’t run ANYTHING on it.

    • ivorysoul

      Just use PCSX2 which can run nearly every game at 4K 60FPS? It’s been in development since the early 2000’s.

      So, this article was mostly click bait. Hey! Look at this PS2 emulator…but it actually doesn’t do anything.

      • Spectrum

        I DO use PCSX2. I like options, especially retroarch-compatible options. I tried Play because I hadn’t tried it in years and it’s better than it was back then. By far. But it still didn’t get very far in any games I have right now.

  6. op

    Plz Geforce Now on PS VITA !!

  7. Jiro

    This is nonsense. The Vita doesn’t have the power to run a PS2 emulator. “He ported the emulator, but it doesn’t have enough power to run at a playable speed” still counts as not having enough power!

  8. Meysam25

    Nice try

  9. joe G

    With global pandemic causing people to self-quarantine, people like Xerpi, Electry or theflow could consider working out Vita native resolution for PSP games!!

    Just a humble thought.